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Live Passenger Data

The Automated Passenger Counter uses advanced infrared technology to provide accurate boarding and departure data, helping you make informed decisions for your bus fleet.

Driver Information

Empower your drivers with a user-friendly interface for signing in, conducting inspections, accessing routes, and monitoring passenger information from various stations, creating a dynamic network of real-time fleet data.

GPS Tracker using QR Code

Improve your passengers' public transportation experience by offering a QR code scanner for viewing bus locations, ETAs, and routes, accessible from any internet-enabled device.


Ensuring timely and synchronized bus schedules is crucial, and our anti-bunching algorithm considers various factors (time, distance, season, hour, traffic, etc.) to optimize the route progression timing for your fleet.

What is Gourbanbus

Gourbanbus' GPS tracker ensures you promptly know the bus location and arrival time, enabling seamless transfers within the specified region.

Modernizing Public Transportation;

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Live Passenger Counter
  • Driver Access Benefits
  • Public Info Display

Embedded GPS trackers enable passengers and bus drivers to observe each other's real-time locations, saving time and effort as drivers can plan routes based on passenger presence at bus stops.

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Solution Benefits

Public Info Display

Electronic displays with information about location, ETAs or advertisements can be placed at every stop.

Web Accessed QR Code

Easily access the Gourbanbus benefits by scanning the QR Code and the system will automatically register you through your pinned location.

Passenger Counters

Automated Passenger Counters (APCs) help monitor and analyze passengers usage of public vehicles.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Monitor and track vehicles in real-time while providing location and routes information to passengers.

Public Bus Tracker

Passengers can view real-time locations of public transportation vehicles as well as access route information.

Arrival Forecast

Passengers can view an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to every stop in the vehicle’s route.

Discover urban cities via bus

We partner with transit agencies and shared mobility providers to get cities moving.

Benefits of using Gourbanbus

We become useful tools for planning your next step.

  • 01Boost Productivity

    Simplify the tasks you do every day with an end-to-end public transportation management solution that improves productivity and increases ridership.

  • Having the right tools for your passengers can not only help them plan their journey but can also increase the frequency of usage and overall ridership.

  • With an easily integrated solution from Gourbanus, your organization can track and cut costs on operations, employees, drivers, maintenance, fuel consumption and more.

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